We would like to Thank all the Bars, Restaurants, Customers and Friends who serve Tighthead and help support local craft beer!



Comfortably Blonde (Blonde Ale):         ABV – 4.8% , IBU -  19.8, SRM - 3.3
Comfortably Blonde is an easy drinking American Blonde Ale.  This blonde is lighter and less bitter than traditional Pale Ales yet contains plenty of malt sweetness to support the ample additions of Crystal hops.  Brewed with American Ale yeast, this is a perfect gateway beer for the mainstream American Pilsner beer drinker.  We hope to convert the masses and make them comfortable with this perfectly crafted session beer.

Scarlet Fire (Red Ale):              ABV – 5.6% , IBU -  30.2, SRM - 15.1
Scarlet Fire is an American style Red Ale.  The Name coming from the reference to the playful, improvisational transitions between Grateful Dead song’s Scarlet Begonias and Fire on the Mountain,  has a nice balance of malt sweetness from caramel malt and subtle toasty notes from roasted barley.    The beer is brewed with American Ale yeast, and the hops are East Kent Golding’s, paying tribute to its heritage as an Irish Red Ale.

Irie IPA (India Pale Ale):                ABV - 7.8% , IBU -  100+, SRM -5.4
Irie is a malty and complex IPA.   Named for the Jamaican word “Irie” meaning “good, excellent, great or of good quality,” this beer is all of those and more.  With an original gravity of about 1.070, the malt profile provides a sturdy backbone for the generous amount of Simcoe, Centennial and Columbus hops.   American Ale yeast ferments this beer cleanly allowing the dank hop qualities to come through in all their glory… IRIE Mon!

Boxcar Porter  (Robust Porter):     ABV - 5.2% , IBU -  42.2, SRM - 35.4
Boxcar is a Robust Porter with hints of roast coffee and mild chocolate.  Featuring a traditional English grist bill of Maris Otter pale malt, black patent, two different chocolate malt’s and East Kent Golding hops,  this beer will keep you warm by the fire pint after pint.  The beer is named for the many freight trains that pass by the front of the brewery day and night!    Cheers! 

Chilly Water (American Pale Ale):        ABV - 4.8% , IBU -  40.1, SRM – 5.4
Wheat based Pale Ale that is fermented very clean with American ale yeast giving it a crisp, refreshing finish.  The combination of hops,  Zythos,  Amarillo and Citra provide an aroma and flavor of mango, tangerine and other soft citrus fruit and may cause a widespread panic… hint at the name’s origin!

Tube (English Pale Ale):    ABV - 4.2% , IBU - 31.5, SRM – 10.2
A short train ride on the Underground from Central London is Fuller’s Brewery.  Fuller’s Chiswick Bitter is the inspiration for this English style session ale.  Made with Maris Otter, Special Roast malt, East Kent Golding hops and fermented with English Ale yeast, this beer will surely make you feel like you are in a London Pub… mind the gap!

Go - Go Wit (Belgian Witbier):    ABV - 5.0% , IBU - 18.6, SRM – 3.3
A Belgian Witbier brewed with pilsner malt, oats, bitter and sweet orange peel, coriander and chamomile flowers.  This refreshing “white” beer is a perfect summer beer that starts out sweet and citrusy and finishes dry and crisp with a hint of tartness.  The name is a tribute to the 1959 White Sox!

Powerful Pils  (Czech Style Pilsener):  ABV – 6.0%,  IBU – 42,  SRM – 3.5
We use Czech Pilsen and Munich malts, German Polaris hops, and the world famous Urquell yeast to create this authentic Czech-style Pilsener. The assertive hop bitterness is well balanced by complex malt sweetness and the prickly carbonation and crisp, clean finish make this beer the perfect summer crusher. 

Left-Handed Monkey Wrench  (India Rye Pilsener):   ABV – 7.0%,  IBU – 60,  SRM – 8
Never heard of a Left-Handed Monkey Wrench? That’s because it doesn’t exist. This fictitious beer combines a blend of German malts with a touch of Rye and two new German hop varieties Hull Melon and Mandarina Bavaria. The fruity hop character is supported by a toasted bready malt backbone while the Pilsener yeast provides a clean finish with lingering hop bitterness. Greatest Beer Ever Sold!

Grisette (Farmhouse Ale):            ABV – 5.4%,  IBU - 22,  SRM – 3
Grisette is a style of farmhouse ale traditionally brewed to quench the thirst of miners in southern Belgium. The name refers to the grey (“gris”) outfits of the female factory workers who would serve the beer to the miners at the end of the day. Light, dry, and effervescent, our Grisette pairs spicy Styrian Golding hops and lemony saison yeast on top of a light, bready malt base.

Paint it Brown (English Dark Mild):    ABV - 3.4% , IBU - 29.2, SRM – 29.4
Another classic English Session Ale by Billy!  This deep copper to brown ale is brewed with traditional English malts including brown, caramel and chocolate malt.   English East Kent Golding hops and ESB yeast keep this a refreshing, low alcohol yet malty favorite… “Paint it Brown”! .

Old Kaya Dog (Barleywine):       ABV – 8.9% , IBU -  113.2, SRM – 11.4
An American Barleywine with hints of light fruit and alcohol warmth.  Brewed with American Hops and Ale yeast, this is a beer that is not to be taken lightly!  We hope you enjoy Old Kaya Dog as much as we do!    

Wee Heady (Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale):     ABV – 10.6% , IBU - 27, SRM – 10.6
Tighthead’s “Wee Heady” is a strong Scotch ale which was aged for 6 months in second-use Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels. A complex malt bill creates dark fruit flavors of raisin and fig which play nicely with the sweet vanilla character from the oak. The high ABV and 6 months of barrel aging give the beer a dry, slightly tannic, port wine-like finish.


Cask Conditioned Ales:  Every Friday we tap a beer and serve it using a traditional English style Beer Engine!  Styles change... like a box of chocolates... you never know what you'll get :  )

Note:  Be sure to check back often to see what seasonal and special beers we have brewed.  Not all beers will be distributed and most will only be available in our brewery tap room!