2 - 6 pm
tour at 3:00


Tap Room Hours:  
Monday - Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday - Friday 4:00–10:00 PM
Saturday 12:00–10:00 PM
Sunday 12:00–6:00 PM



* No outside beer, wine or liquor can be brought into the tap room! This is a violation of our liquor license and will get us shut down!


Perennial Beers:

"Comfortably Blonde" Blonde Ale
       ABV - 4.8% , IBU -  19.8, SRM – 3.3

"Scarlet > Fire" Red Ale
       ABV – 5.6% , IBU -  30.2, SRM - 15.1

"Irie" India Pale Ale
       ABV - 7.8% , IBU -  134.1, SRM -5.4 

"Chilly Water" American Pale Ale
       ABV – 4.8% , IBU – 40.1, SRM – 5.4

"Boxcar Porter" Robust Porter
       ABV - 5.2% , IBU -  42.2, SRM - 35.4   

Seasonal Beers:

"Hat Trick" Belgian Tripel    
       ABV - 8.9% , IBU - 27.4, SRM – 4.0

"Tube" English Pale Ale    
       ABV - 4.2% , IBU - 31.5, SRM – 10.2

"Go-Go Wit"  Belgian Witbier    
       ABV - 5.0% , IBU - 18.6, SRM – 3.3

"Midnight Shadow" Imp Black Pale Ale    
       ABV - 9.0% , IBU - 100+, SRM – 42.0

"Powerful Pils" Czech-Style Pilsener    
       ABV - 6.0% , IBU - 42.0, SRM – 3.5

"Springtime in the Galaxy" Belgian IPA 
       ABV – 7.5%,  IBU – 50,  SRM – 6

"Grisette" Farmhouse Ale   
       ABV - 5.4% , IBU - 22.0, SRM – 3

"Paint it Brown" English Dark Mild
       ABV - 3.4% , IBU -  19.4, SRM – 19.2

"Old Kaya Dog"  Barleywine 
       ABV – 8.9% , IBU – 113.2, SRM – 11.4

"Wee Heady"  Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale
       ABV – 10.69% , IBU -  27, SRM – 20


* Cask Conditioned Ales - On weekends we tap one of the beers that has been cask conditioned, and like a box of chocolates... you don't know what you'll get!  Pints will be served from a traditional English "Beer Engine".






* Ask your server for our book of Local Menus containing a variety of food for carry-out and delivery!



As in traditional English Pubs, our tap room is intended and expected to be "an extension of our family room".  A place where all are welcome to visit with friends, make new friends, share the trials and tribulations of your day, or week, or just watch a game and relax.  The tap room has a variety of board games to choose from to entertain you when gathering with friends and we encourage you to make new friends by inviting others to join along.

You can enjoy a pint of fresh beer made on-premise as you view the activity in the production brewery from your bar stool or table, or purchase a "growler" (64 oz. jug) to enjoy at home.  The tap room will serve all your favorite Tighthead beers found at local restaurants and bars, however, we will also offer a variety of seasonal and experimental beers that can only be found in the tap room!

Our tap room is not a restaurant; however we will offer light snacks and a variety of non-alcoholic alternative beverages.  We encourage people to support local businesses by ordering food for delivery or carrying food in from one of a number of great establishments in Mundelein.  A collection of menus will be available in the tap room for you to choose from when considering your options.  "We really want to convey a sense of belonging, of community when you are in the tap room" explains Molly Dir, owner and interior designer of the Tap Room  

So come thirsty and visit often!